Future Trends: Things Should Know About Future Payroll Services

September 2, 2021    Bookkeeping Perthwide

According to a recent survey, a substantial number of businesses have been using a payroll system for over 10 years. They use both spreadsheets and other manual payroll processing methods. But, now it is essential to switch to using payroll software. Here we discuss the leading payroll trends that you may bring to your future business.

All-In-One Payroll Management Solutions

Right now, business owners in Perth and other places of Australia are moving forward to have a more self-service and all-inclusive payroll processing system. Thus, they prefer more user-friendly payroll services Perth, which have core HR values.

According to experts, software buyers aim to stay with the payroll software they usually use because they know it’s a working system. So they demand an HR platform that can easily pass the data to their payroll system. On the other hand, another group eyes on having an all-in-one payroll system to get the most comprehensive human resource management.

These accessible payroll management solutions will also include mobile capabilities, which will increase the access and on-the-go processing of payroll.

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Flexible Payment Options

Payroll processing is now digitized, and so diversity develops in the compensation administration options. Apart from the debate of direct deposit versus standard paper checks, other payment choices are now emerging. Some systems are allowing employees to manage their payment processing completely. Some vendors and third-party applications also allow employees to choose the time of their payment without affecting the employer’s processes.

The use of crypto-currency is becoming a new trend in giving payments. According to a report by Statista in August 2017, among the surveyed American adults, over 39% had preferred using bitcoin for purchases and transactions. But as a large number of people are still unaware of bitcoins and the regulations and risks involved in them, this method needs time to become a widespread solution.

Artificial Intelligence

According to experts, if artificial intelligence is introduced in payroll management services, bookkeepers in Perth will easily anticipate what the employees want from payroll. Software in which artificial intelligence is enabled allows increased automation and higher efficiency and reduces the burden from the payroll professionals to focus on other crucial tasks that need human attention. An artificial intelligence tool in payroll software will have different benefits, too. Changing regulations or violations will get constantly updated.


Another important function of payroll systems is complying with financial laws and regulations. As the relevant tools develop, automatic compliance also gets more established in the software. Modern-day payroll software is more data-driven and thus accesses all the essential information required to maintain compliance. As tax rates and tax laws change regularly, payroll software must have a real-time updating service.

As businesses are getting a global base, payroll software is also becoming more globalized. Small companies also regularly interact with various countries and states worldwide, using the advantage of digital communication. So, if you outsource payroll service, you should check if the payroll software accounts for the various financial regulations.

Gig Economy

As per current trends, modern payroll software will take up non-conventional working methods very shortly. They will work more with freelancers and the gig-based business structures such as delivery services, ride-sharing applications, on-demand dog walking, etc. As these industries are flourishing, payroll software has to clarify whether the gig employees should get benefits.

Globally, many workers do not access health insurance coverage through an employer. Also, most people are now working in contract-based jobs. It is the reason why more independent insurance providers appear on the scene to offer beneficial coverage options to contract-based employees.

At this moment, it is difficult to tell whether payroll software will be able to provide security to these independent workers. Some companies and payroll systems have only started to adapt to the gig economy demands, and professionals think that the number will grow in the future.

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Adopting Software

To implement payroll software, business experts recommend three important factors – integration, scalability, and support. In addition to the software functions, people should also think about the vendor backing and infrastructure that will garner the most benefits for a company.

An integrated payroll system will give you a more centralized database, and it will help you collaborate with multiple platforms. If you have enough support from the vendor, you can successfully use the software. Regarding the scale of a system, you should focus on growing it according to your ability.

If you want to run your company payroll by hand, it is recommended to search for a payroll service that can offer an easy transition service. While choosing, you should consider payroll services that provide extensive training sessions.


All payroll software is not the same. Also, with new changes coming, advanced technology is used in designing these systems. So, for efficient management, you can think of outsourcing payroll services for your Perth-based business. Bookkeeping Perth can help you in it.

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