How Much Does An Accountant Cost For A Small Business in Australia?

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Any firm needs competent accountants, so it’s essential to understand their costs. Because every accountant is not equally qualified, a firm should research potential candidates carefully to discover one who provides excellent value for their services. The accountant’s cost can vary depending on the accountant you need.

Accountants come in various specialties, including bookkeepers in perth, tax accountants, and small company accountants. An experienced accountant can bring a tonne of extra capability and insight into the business.

A person should not just look at an accountant’s experience and knowledge while choosing one. Select someone the firm gets along with since it should be able to speak honestly with them. Some accountants are straightforward and capable of handling all of these tasks for the business.

The accountants can assist you with determining your company’s tax liability, finding a new tax code to guarantee your financial reporting procedures are compliant with current IRS laws, and ensuring you fulfil filing requirements and deadlines.

What Does An Accountant Do?

Accountants perform more tasks than one can realise. They can offer you strategic guidance and suggest ways to increase profits or make savings. Furthermore, they’ll eliminate or automate administrative activities that take your attention away from the business. By hiring an accountant, you’ll be able to manage your business with more security and clarity.

Following is a summary of some of the daily responsibilities of an accountant provides:

  • Give financial guidance, especially concerning a company’s financial stability.
  • Examine profit and loss figures and address cash flow issues.
  • Ensure tax filing is accurate, on schedule, and follows all requirements.
  • Take care of unpaid invoices
  • Auditing businesses
  • Assistance with long-term planning and strategy
  • Assist in creating a thorough, precise budget that inspires trust.
  • Calculate the cost of hiring, training, and paying an employee.
  • Determine the expense of maintaining inventory and develop plans to reduce it. Additionally, they will analyse sales data to forecast inventory needs and assist in arranging precise orders.
    Assist in finding unnecessary expenses in the company and create more effective working methods.

What is The Tax Accountant Fees List?

Every business accountant has to charge for various services he provides to his client as per the price list. The accountant fees per year can change according to the market area, inflation, and entity to entity. The fees list for small businesses can be as follows-

  • Tax return: a) For company – between $1,350 and $ 2200

b) For Trusts – starts from $ 1000

c) For partnership firms – between $ 500 and $1000

  • Initial consultation services ( for 15 minutes): $250 per hour
  • Business activity statement (BAS): price lies between $ 170 and $350
  • BAS amendments: $ 140 per statement
  • Bookkeeping and accounting system check: $330 per hour
  • Onsite business services: from $ 340 per hour

So one can understand that the accountant cost for small businesses varies depending on the organisation’s requirements.

Which Factors Affect Tax Accountant Prices?

Tax Accountant

The Small business accountant cost in Australia depends on a variety of factors. The most important things to think about are your location, service kind, and business size and timeliness. Following are the factors that will cover-

  • Business Size

The size of the business is a prime factor that affects the prices charged by a tax accountant the larger the size of the business more complex the business transactions. An annual tax return costs $100 to $400 for personal usage. The price range for services for a business tax return is $300 to $1,000.

Of course, the cost of submitting tax returns with an accountant could increase if you have a larger company and more revenues or if the business has other sources of income.

  • Timing

The expense of engaging an accountant to prepare your taxes rises as the filing deadline approaches. It’s best to always speak with an accountant in advance to avoid last-minute stress and extra fees for expedited service. Timing is an important factor because if the cost charged is the accountant’s cost per hour, then the organisation has to pay more for the time taken by the accountant in his services.

  • Business Location

A personal tax accountant’s fees will vary depending on where you live. The accountant may bear conveyance expenses to reach the business place to prove his service. Western Australia has a higher beginning price than the rest of Australia. When planning your budget for tax accountant expenses, keep this in mind.

  • Types of Accounting Services

The type of service that an individual or business will use will also have an impact on the cost of employing a tax accountant. Tax returns, business advice, and BAS lodging are among the services tax accountants frequently provide. The details of each of these are covered here.

What all Types of Accounting Services and Their Fees

The type of service that an individual or business will use will have an impact on the cost of employing a tax accountant. The accountant fees for small business is comparatively lower than for large firm. Tax returns, business advice, and BAS lodging are among the services tax accountants frequently provide. Following is the list of the estimated costs charged by a tax accountant as per the services offered by him-

1. Tax Return

One can save money by hiring a professional by claiming all allowable tax deductions and other expenses. Depending on the business structure, The cost of an accountant for taxes can be cost between $100 and $1,000:

a) Costs for filing individual taxes range from $100 to $400.
b) Costs for proprietors run from $180 to $500.
c) Prices for an organisation or small business range from $180 to $1,000.

2. Business Advisory

Charges for advisory services range from $180 to $70, depending on the level of planning required and the requirement for business advice.

3. Bookkeeping

The price of bookkeeping starts at $50 and can reach $300, depending on the volume of transactions.

An individual or a firm can obtain tax accounting services annually or regularly. Annual services typically cost $150 to $250, although quarterly appointments are less expensive and start at $120 and go up to $250. One can reserve a service bundle or package if your small business needs more than one service to save further costs.

What Reasons to Hire a Professional Tax Accountant

Professional Tax Accountant

The day-to-day running of a firm consumes most business owners’ attention. An experienced tax accountant can help to make financial decisions relating to tax, investment, and other strategies. Following are the reasons a business should hire a professional tax accountant-

1. Increase Tax Deductions

Reducing a company’s tax liability is one of the simplest ways to make money savings. And it can be possible by making use of all potential tax deductions. Many business owners scramble at the last minute to maximise deductions during the hectic tax season. However, a small business tax accountant works with a company for a year to find potential deductions.

2. Aids in Avoiding an Audit

Every business owner dreads a tax department audit. Too many inaccuracies on tax papers are one of the factors that could trigger an audit. In addition, some companies might come out as too philanthropic, which could result in a tax audit. A tax accountant nonetheless works hard to avoid tax audits despite this.

First, they ensure that tax returns are filed correctly to avoid fraud and tax evasion. They also offer advice on a variety of expenses, like donations. In this manner, there is a lower likelihood that the company will be subject to a tax audit.

3. Ease of Work and Reduction in The Stress

Many business owners believe engaging a tax accountant is expensive while operating on a limited budget. The advantages of hiring one, however, clearly exceed the disadvantages. It takes too much time and effort for a business owner to handle their accounts. Additionally, a professional accountant can reduce the stress and possibility of mistakes when filing taxes.

4. Making Decisions in Real Time

A tax accountant participates in decision-making as a partner. They provide expert business guidance on the financial ramifications of every choice. They also aid in the estimation and calculation of tax budgets. An entrepreneur will always act rationally in this way.

5. Observance of Tax Laws

Avoiding legal repercussions is one of the advantages of using a tax accountant. As required by law, filing and paying taxes are a must. Tax payments or filing errors may have substantial legal repercussions. A tax accountant will therefore aid a company in avoiding legal costs like fines and penalties.

How can I Reduce My Accountant Fees?

 Accounting Services

To reduce the cost of an accountant for a small business, you must understand whether the services are necessary. However, you can reduce the accountant fees by the following method-

  • Understanding The Need of The Accountant

You must understand what an accountant needs while his service period, like your bank statements, receipts for any transactions or assets, specifics about any loans you have taken, and the information in your accounting software.

  • Get The Information Ready to Provide in One Call

You must provide the information to the accountant on time. It takes 23 minutes to return to the original activity after being interrupted at work, so try to Be organised and save some money on accounting expenses.

  • Avoid The Services That are Not Necessary

Consider your company’s size and priorities. A new business can handle its bookkeeping and business activity statements (BAS). Initially, a complicated organisational structure is not necessary when it is the starting of your business. What justifies your spending money on these services?

How Do I Search for The Best Accountant?

Best Accountant

You should hire an accountant when you require assistance for your small business to gather, analyse, and prepare a report on financial data. Accountants can analyse your financial information to assist you in making wiser financial decisions for your organisation.

How Can I Search for The Best Accountant?

  • From your small company network, request recommendations
  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants directory can help locate a CPA.
  • Find out how long they have been working in your sector.
  • Request a list of all the services offered by the accountant.

What are The Accounting Costs for Business?

Business accountant fees of an accountant may vary from client to client. Even businesses of the same size and sector can pay drastically different sums for accounting. Here is the description of the costs that go into small business accounting. Following are the various accounting costs for business-

A) Business Accountant’s Overhead Costs

The accountant’s overhead costs do not result in immediate profit. Even if these expenses don’t result in money, they are vital for keeping your firm afloat. Try to keep your overhead expenses low as a small business owner. Your ability to keep more of your profits increases with lower overhead costs. While you can not compromise on quality, you should search for affordable options that meet the demands of your company.

B) Other Accountant Costs to Consider

The charges of an accountant are generally the accountant’s price per hour of services provided to an entity. The typical cost of accounting services for small businesses varies for each circumstance. Your small business’s average monthly accounting fees will increase when it adds additional services.

Reduce accounting costs by doing some financial duties on your own. For instance, an accountant can use internet software to record transactions and handle payroll Services.


Every business, regardless of size (large, medium, or small), must make appropriate preparations to complete its financial statements on schedule. For this purpose, a small business can hire a professional accountant to prepare the financial statements and file a tax return.

The cost of accountant for small business depends on the services taken by the firm, and various factors affect the prices charged by an accountant. Regular accounting is required (beginning at $45 a month), and it is advantageous to obtain assistance from qualified accountants each time you deal with the government (from $150 an hour) to arrive at the tax deadline fully prepared. The accountant’s cost tax return is what the accountant will charge on every tax return.

Although these costs might be high, paying less in taxes as a result of consistently keeping track of all tax-deductible expenses, avoiding audits, and maintaining a clean financial record—all of which are crucial for businesses to continue operating and growing for years to come.

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