What are the Common Bookkeeping Mistakes? And How to Avoid Them?

December 26, 2022    Bookkeeping Perthwide

Common bookkeeping mistakes

Many business owners have the skills to grow their businesses. But many business owners do not use their skills in bookkeeping which affects their business. Inaccuracy and Common mistakes discovered in Xero, Quickbooks, and MYOB Files can affect the growth of your business.

You have to hire a professional bookkeeper who can handle your accounts. An accountant is a person who manages your books of accounts by using the financial transaction in the ledger. And create the income statement and balance sheet of the company.

To make things better for the company, an accountant and bookkeeper should know all the things about the company. With complete information, they can make financial, operating, and investing decisions. Fortunately, common accounting mistakes are easily solved as soon as it comes to notice.

For every small business, owner bookkeeping is the only thing everyone has to face. Managing the bookkeeping of the company takes hours. This is the only reason that many small business owners do not maintain their bookkeeping monthly. Nobody realises that bookkeeping is a weapon for business management. Many business owners avoid bookkeeping and focus on another significant issue of business. Many errors need to be evaded while keeping financial records.

What are the Common Bookkeeping Mistakes?

Bookkeepers are those who collect information, record events and organise those events to make the best decision for the company. But generally, they overlook it daily. And it results in mistakes. Here are some of the mistakes we should avoid while maintaining bookkeeping records. Here are the things that should not be ignored in bookkeeping.

1. Improper or Poor Record Keeping

Poor maintenance of receipts and improper record-keeping are the two most common mistakes by the company. It is easy to forget about the small expenses and receipts.

The company forgets to maintain the proper records daily, which results in failing the system. But doing it properly can save the company. For better results, the company needs bookkeeping services to be maintained daily. Keeping an accurate record of expenses and income will save you thousands of tax dollars. 

It happens because we trust our memory and think we will remember it anyway. Unfortunately, there are many things which go through our minds, it is not possible to remember every tiny thing. Soon all the tiny things pile up in blunders for the company. It affects the books of the company. Proper documentation is also advised for proper bookkeeping. 

This will save the duration and finances of the company.

2. Improperly Categorizing Expenses 

The knowledge of bookkeeping practice is a must for the person who is maintaining the books. It can become a problem if there is a lack of proper knowledge. You should do proper tracking of the income and records of the company. 

It will ensure proper measurement of the profitability. There is a tax treatment for every income and expense. If you know that, you can save tax income as well. 

3. Not Having Backups 

Technology is so upgraded these days. That everybody keeps their records of the company safely. We live in a surrounding which depends on technology. You can access a lot of information about your company with just a single click. You have to be aware that there is always a chance of error. So you need to prepare yourself. This type of error can bring you trouble. 

Regular updates and backups of your files can save you from such trouble. There is much software that can take backup of the information. They come with many features which support office workers and remote workers.  

4. Bad Petty Cash Management 

A business owner usually operates petty cash amounts. But they don’t know how to manage petty cash amounts. You should set up a system that can manage the cash amounts. It will be a great start if you keep a record and start maintaining your petty cash.

90% of New Client Files Have Bookkeeping Errors 

Bookkeeping errors

An error in accounting and bookkeeping is an error that was not purposeful. And when you notice the mistake, it can be fixed immediately. Analysis of records will be done if it is not resolved. There are many types of errors, they can be either clerical errors or errors in accounting principles. 

For Example

An accountant can easily identify the inaccurate amount if the debit and credit don’t match the total amount. To maintain the debit and credit entries there is a trial balance.

The total amount of the trial balance is carried forward at the end of the financial statement. There are examples where accounting errors exist. It can be more difficult to identify if the trial balance is not out of balance. 

There are many ways to resolve the errors. Some of the companies perform their tasks at the end of the week. Many errors are detected at that time. 

An audit trail will resolve the problem easily. The company should keep a track of invoices from vendors and suppliers. And they should be recorded into the accounting software to minimise the error. 

Expert Bookkeeping Should Not be Ignored 

Most small business owners prefer to do bookkeeping of their own. But the quote says it is always easier said than done. Not all company owners have experienced bookkeepers, but somehow they operate through it by tracking bookkeeping tips for small companies.

It might look like going easy in the beginning, but you will acknowledge the outcomes only when you confront errors. Accounting is a significant part of any company. Good accounting services relies upon your books. the books of the company. It has to be accurate. Otherwise, it will affect the credibility of the company. 

What is The Golden Rule of Bookkeeping

The bookkeeping professional advises focusing more on the business part than the bookkeeping part. Data entry is the only element of bookkeeping. You must supervise all the transaction that takes place in your company. The record of cash flow and bank reconciliation will give you an accurate result. The golden rule is that your accounts should have your business transaction only. You should not add personal transactions. 

You should keep your business activity separate from your expenses. This procedure will relieve you from stress.

6 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes You’re Making in Xero, Quickbooks, or MYOB 

6 common bookkeeping mistakes

Many small business bookkeepers use accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero to keep a record of their accounting. These are the software that works on the numbers you enter in them. For that, you have to maintain your books. If your books are not maintained, you cannot expect tools to give you correct accounting.

To avoid these mistakes the only way is to maintain books at the proper time. So, to improve the accounts follow bookkeeping tips for small businesses. Cloud bookkeeping is a tool which helps in bookkeeping. They help make our easier. There are many benefits of taking your business to the cloud. But many businesses don’t understand the benefit and end up making mistakes. 

Here are some common mistakes in Xero bookkeeping, Quickbooks, or MYOB.

1. By Not Transferring Your Current Record

when to sets up the cloud setting. It is vital to carry your previous record into your new system. As we require our previous record for future purposes. By looking at your previous records and current records, you will get a clear picture of your business position.

Unfortunately, some businesses do not perform this process. They simply make their account. Business owners might end up watching the job of resettling their data over, leaving them with vague figures and records.

2. By Not Intervening in Accounts

One of the major advantages of cloud accounting is they automatically collate information and create records for the company. As we know, the transaction takes time to process. And mistakes may occur. And that is why it is so essential that you conform your accounts manually, comparing your internet banking statements against the records in your bookkeeping software instead of entirely depending on your system.

3. By Close Periods As Soon As They Pass

Bookkeeping is done weekly, monthly and annually. These platforms include settings to “close” periods once they expire, or after a set amount of period. But cannot be a problem in manual. This is a feature, not a bug. 

4. By Deleting Old Transactions

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by every small business owner. Not only does this decrease the amount of data you have to refer to while making decisions, but as we said above, it can also affect your proficiency to estimate your current financial situation.

As these clouds accounting automatically calculates your records. Purposefully or by accident, deleting all the old transactions affects all the following statements and records.

5. By Not Fixing Permissions Properly

One of the best things about cloud bookkeeping is that it can be accessed from anywhere. It can be accessed by anyone from the business. Platforms like this help business owners perform their work from anywhere. 

6. By Using Trial and Error to Understand How to Operate Cloud Bookkeeping

Cloud accounting is easy to use. But then also you should take training before using it. Many people try it by themselves. But if any problem occurs, it might affect your work. There are many online tutorials, forums, Faqs, and online lessons to learn cloud accounting. Trial and error will be a slow process and will result in making multiple mistakes. No one will take it when it comes to business finance. 

How to Fix Your Bookkeeping Errors?

How to Fix Your Bookkeeping Errors?

Every business is facing a bookkeeping error. But smart are those who know how to fix bookkeeping errors. Here are some tips for bookkeeping that every small business should follow. By this, you will avoid making errors.

  • Get Your Work Done by Automation

The word automation has been heard by the world for the last decades. It has it effect on almost every business. Previously automation was only done by big businesses. But today, it has been followed by half of the small businesses. You should automate your accounting. So that the figures flow in the software. Manual bookkeeping takes a lot of time, and the chances of errors are much higher. Use cloud accounting with proper training.

  • Check on Accounts Payables and Receivables

This is the main element of accounting. Whatever is done or not done. You should always know the account payable and receivable. You will get a better view of your business. With this analysis, you can check your cash flow and correct it before it goes out of your hand. 

  • View Your Accounts Weekly or Monthly

No matter if you do it yourself bookkeeper, you have an automation tool or you may even have a bookkeeper. You must always give some time reviewing the digits. This will help you in knowing where your money is going. 

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It does not matter which business you are operating. The only thing which matters is that you should keep your finance record properly. If you do not do bookkeeping by yourself follow the tips. This will help you and your business.

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