Inventory Management Techniques to Save You Money

January 21, 2021    Bookkeeping Perthwide

Some people find it too intimidating to manage the inventory of their small business. Inventory management, hence, incorporates counting at a large scale that too away from any mistakes. Yes, businesses do reconcile their inventory during year-ends by ascertaining the things available in their books. They complete this task by counting all their pertinent physical stock properly. In a nutshell, inventory management refers to effective tracking of the stocked items of your e-commerce company.

The Chief Objective Of Inventory Management! 

The primary objective of inventory management is to diminish the cost which pertains to holding inventory. As a result, owners of e-commerce companies get a better understanding of their ameliorated inventory control or management. These include when exactly to purchase additional materials or indemnify the loss incurred by certain products. 

Inventory Management Techniques To Save Your Money!

So, as an e-commerce company, you must ensure the most profit-making inventory management for your organisation. It ascertains that you’re handy with sufficient stock to meet the demand of your customers. Improper or incompetent inventory management should be avoided at any cost. Otherwise, chances are there that you will splurge money by stocking an unreasonably abundant inventory. Alternatively, you might end up bearing losses related to potential sales too. So, impeccable inventory management must be the utmost priority to ensure the sheer success of your e-commerce business. 

A Look At The Effective Money-saving Inventory Management Techniques!

Regardless of the size of your e-commerce business, there are some common money-saving inventory management techniques. A checklist of a few of these small business inventory management techniques can be considered below.

1. Eliminate Dead Stock Right Away!

Deadstock refers to the stock which cannot be sold any longer that too ostensibly. This is because the dead stock is considered to have expired already. There can be several compelling reasons behind it. Say, for instance, the stock has either become outdated, impertinent or is no longer in the season.  To get rid of this issue, you can resort to a remunerative strategy and can avoid this expensive mistake effectively.


2. Avoid Any Kind Of Spoilage!

There are certain items like makeup products or food items which contain a specific expiration date. If you sell such products, try and sell them within the specified period of time. Otherwise, there are chances for these products to get spoilt. Conversely, if you sell these products on time, you can avoid the most unprecedented situation of inventory spoilage.


3. Get Your Inventory Numbers Impeccable

Managing your inventory numbers incorrectly can prove to be completely unprofitable for your organization. It will not only lead to the cancellation of your orders, it will also impinge your company’s reputation to a great extent. That’s why you should always achieve the pinnacle of perfection when it comes to numbering your inventory. So, how all to attain this goal in a successful manner? Yes, you have guessed it right, by resorting to an automated system which offers unblemished real-time inventory updates. As a result, you can achieve way better customer satisfaction than before.


4. Set Minimum Stock Levels

Stock levels are also known as ‘par levels’ in another term, it refers to the minimum quantity of your inventory. You should retain this particular amount all through the year for better inventory management. After this number gets reduced below the conventional level, you must order more than that. This number will differ according to certain factors. These include the speed at which a particular product is being sold and the expected demand of customers etc. 

The Benefits!

If you sync your set par levels, you can attain a way better product order management procedure than before. To attain optimal results, ensure that you re-evaluate your set par levels from time to time. This is because the market conditions can alter from time to time.


5. Go For Abc Analysis!

If you categorize your orders as A, B and C according to their order of importance, it will be advantageous. You can keep your inventory costs low to a reasonable as a result of this. If you prioritize your A category products as compared to others, you’re inadvertently taking your business to a thriving extent.


So, impeccable inventory management cannot be achieved overnight and you need to strive properly. Hopefully, by implementing the inventory management techniques given above, you can save money for your e-commerce business optimally.

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