Why Financial Reporting Is So Much Important For A Business?

February 9, 2021    Bookkeeping Perthwide

Many nations consider financial reporting as a legal criterion which must be met indispensably. Financial reporting substantiates the current financial position of a company. Stakeholders become aware of these financial data as formal records of that particular organization. So, the bottom line is financial reporting is equally important like the finances of your company. Trustworthy and informative financial reports are not mere liabilities for any organization. Instead, they are substantial credentials depicting the crucial attributes of your company comprehensively. 

Financial Reports and Their Types

Financial reporting is an imperative part of any business, no matter whether it’s a start-up or that of an enterprise.  Hence, when you prepare relevant financial reports you’re actually doing complete justice to your business. These are the documents which will show you the areas where you are lagging and identify your potential mistakes. Following are some common types of financial reports which every business should operate regularly to ascertain optimal health for their organisations. 

  • Statements of Cash Flow: This kind of report is a perfect amalgamation of a balance sheet and that of an income statement. Cash flow statements primarily show the financial movement of a particular organisation. It includes movement both out and in over a relatively long stretch of time. 
  • Balance Sheet: It’s basically like a snapshot of the finances of your company. A balance sheet is designed for giving a clear picture of the obligations and assets of your business. These obligations and assets of your business must pertain to a particular time-frame to yield better results. Some of the crucial attributes should be included in every other balance sheet out there. These include inventory, cash, potential debts, accounts receivable and that of accounts payable. 
  • Statements of Profit and Loss: These financial reports are known as P&L reports to be precise. These reports show the tiny bits of information related to the costs and income responsible for your business operation. These P&L statements also help you to gauge the revenue of your company properly. 

So, do you also wish to keep your business in a prosperous condition all through the year? If your reply is yes, then, preparing the financial reports stated above is of utmost importance. 

Why Is Financial Reporting Important?

There are many noteworthy reasons for which preparing the aforementioned financial reports has become indispensable nowadays. A complete checklist of a few of these reasons can be considered below. 

1.Compliance and Progress

As a company, every business needs to file their pertinent financial statements in assistance of the government. So, make sure that you comply with your financial statements regularly. Once you become used to it, you can always remain compliant and progressive as compared to your competitors. If you are a company, then, you can substantiate its financial development and health to retain your investors on board.


2.Tracking of Liability

Optimising accurate financial reports is another great way to determine your prospective financial abilities and inabilities. Managing your existing liabilities is also now as simple as that if you’re handy with substantial financial reports. You can keep a constant watch on the receivables of your organisation as well. Besides, you can attain a stupendous sales margin through compelling financial reports. 

3.Identification of Trends

Financial reports, if prepared on a daily basis, can really be beneficial for the cumulative progress of your organisation. A comparison can be drawn between these reports to attain detailed bits of information with time. The more financial reports you prepare the better you can identify the current condition of your organisation. Say for instance, how your company has developed uptimes, downtimes or if any revolutionary trends have emerged recently etc. 

4.Tracking in Real-time!

You cannot assess the strength of your organization simply based on a single department of it. Conversely, you can evaluate the collective strength of your business concerning one particular area of it. It is the accounting and finance sector of your organisation. That only happens when you run reports regularly to obtain the most impeccable and updated data concerning your company. 

Time to sign off!

The role of financial reporting is worth acknowledging, when it comes to the successful operation of your company. Depending on the type of your business, you can prepare any of the financial reports discussed just now. By doing so, you can expect the benefits mentioned above. 

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